Little Friends Song in Chinese

Listen to Little Friends Song    Little Friends is similar to One Little, Two Little Indians.

Helps children learn their numbers one to ten.



yi ge,  liang ge,  san ge,  xiao peng you,
si ge,  wu ge,  liu ge  xiao peng you,
qi ge,  ba ge,  jiu ge,  xiao peng you,
di shi ge,  xiao peng you,  zhan qi lai.

shi ge, jiu ge, ba ge, xiao peng you,
qi ge, liu ge , wu ge , xiao peng you,
si ge,  san ge,  liang ge,  xiao peng you,
di  yi ge,  xiao peng you,  zhan qi lai.


One, two, three little friends,
Four, five, six little friends,
Seven, eight, nine little friends,
The tenth little friend stands up.

Ten, nine, eight little friends,
Seven, six, five little friends,
Four, three, two little friends,
The first little friend stands up.


Where Are My Friends Counting Song

我  的    朋  友  在   哪 里? (wǒ de péng yǒu zài  nǎ  lǐ  ?)
Where are my friends?

Learn numbers one to seven, some easy Chinese phrases, “where” and “here” and “friend”.

yi       er        san       si        wu    liu      qi
一      二        三        
四        五     六      七
one  two     three     four    five   six    seven

wǒ de  péng yǒu zài  nǎ  lǐ  ?
我  的    朋  友  在   哪 里?
Where are my friends?

zài zhè   lǐ      zài   zhè    lǐ 

在   这 里,          这  里,
here, here

wǒ de      péng yǒu      zài zhè  lǐ
我  的        朋  友       在   这  里.
My            friends      are here.

English translation:

One, two, three,

four, five, six, seven,

where are my friends?

Here, here,

my friends are here!

Chinese Phrases:

wǒ de
我  的

péng yǒu
朋  友

zài  nǎ  lǐ  ?
在   哪 里?

zài zhè   lǐ
在   这 里

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